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Schedule Your Trial
Trials will take place on October 22 and 29 at the Bureau of Balance facillity located at 92 East Main Street in the Somerville quadrant of the 08876 Sector. If you have been condemned, schedule your trial promply as those left without reservations are subject to Zed Protocol. Do not attempt to flee or tamper with your NanoID or Zed Protocol will be initiated. Remain prinicpled and schedule your trial now.

What to Expect at Your Trial
If an investigation into an accusation of disorderly behavior has yielded adequate evidence for the Bureau of Balance to place you among the condemned, you will be informed of the judgement and presented with a choice of several dates and times to appear for trial. Reserve your selected date and time as soon as is convenient, as availibility is limited and failture to respond will initiate Zed Protocol.

To earn exoneration and rejoin the rest of principled society, you must prove that you can satisfy the requirements for biological diversity that the Ministry of Reason maintains. You will be confined along with the rest of the condemned from your sector in an enclosed area for a preset period of time, during which you must avoid Zed released amongst you.

Should you survive your trial, you may enter society once again, exhonerated and with any previous citizenship benefits fully restored. Any condemned showing unprincipled behavior during trial face immediate termination or Zed Protocol. Those who do not appear for trial will be tracked via NanoID, apprehended, and held for Zed Protocol.

Schedule Your Trial
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